Navitus Education named ‘Startup of the Year’ in eLearning

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Mumbai, India (December 30, 2014) – Navitus Education Private Limited (India) has been named ‘Startup of the Year’ in eLearning by Silicon India magazine.

The meteoric rise of online education has forced educational institutions to try different innovative approaches. Flipped Classroom which blends conventional classroom learning with eLearning is on its way to become a reality. Corporates too are jumping into this foray and are using it to improve the effectiveness and reach of their learning and development initiatives while reducing the training costs dramatically.

Navitus Education expects that eLearning will become even more important component of educational institutions. Online medium will be used more and more in conjunction with live classroom training to further reduce costs and improve efficiency. Navitus believes that in future, eLearning is on its way to be a highly disruptive technology that will radically change the way students are taught and learn. Navitus Education expects to help in democratization of education reaching wider student population.

Navitus Education Private Limited is focused on distributing digital educational content to students (beyond K-12) as well as professionals in need of upgrading their skillsets. To this end, Navitus provides three distinct services –
Learning Management System (Navitus LMS) for corporates and education institutions, which provides a robust, scalable and secure platform to distribute & deliver content online either to their students or employees or partners, without the need for expensive infrastructure and the technical staff required to run it.
eLearning Content Development, to enable the transitioning of traditional content to online medium, and, an online learning portal powered by our Navitus LMS for individual mentors and trainers to host and deliver their educational content with ease,

Navitus believes that ‘Startup of the Year (2014)’ award validates its effort and contribution to the eLearning space and particularly its focus on ‘Interactive Learning’ which keeps students constantly engaged in the course material.

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