navitusLMS is a world-class, award winninig Learning Management System automating Learning & Development initiatives within an organisation. navitusLMS is available both On Premise and Subscription / Cloud (Hosted) based license. Navitus LMS supports all the learning modes: Self-paced, Virtual Classroom and Physical Classroom Training. Using the LMS organisations can not only administer conventional method of learning but also blended & flipped classroom methods of learning. These modern methods allow organisations to enhance the effectiveness of learning and minimise costs. In addtion, LMS also supports gamification & mobile based learning.

navitusLMS supports many key functionalities and features not availble in other LMS systmes today. In particular, it provides:

navitusLMS also offers comprehensive toolkit that covers mobile integration, social collaboration, calendaring and much more. It is fully integrated with a payment gateway system and provides extensive MIS reports.

Conventionally, individual systems were built with all these elements built cohesively together resulting into difficulties in maintaining, enhancing or replacing the system. As standards and technologies evolved, individual IT systems were built with maintaining each of these elements as separate tiers within the system. However, Enterprise IT landscape consists of multiple systems interoperating with each-other as well as with the systems of third party organizations. Hence for ease of management (addition, enhancement, replacement or removal) of IT systems, it is essential that the above stated internal elements of the IT systems are externalized and managed as tiers / layers across the IT systems. As a result, an effective Enterprise IT Architecture has to be tiered, component and service oriented.

Navitus LMS has been architected and built keeping in mind this modern and contemporary architecture philosophy.

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