Education has become expensive in India and higher education has become even more expensive and out of the reach of a large number of population. A major portion of masses remain uneducated and many learners have to give up on education because of this, The Lack of Education causes lack of Careers. With the rapid growth of Internet, technology and multimedia, the world has come closer and provided the students with numerous benefits, maintaining student’s interest and providing extensive learning experiences to students separated over large geographical areas.

iAthena aims to contribute in this democratization of education & learning, reaching wider student population by improving efficiency and effectiveness of distribution of learning content by leveraging digital medium. Our main goal is to bring students, mentors (teachers) and learning tools/materials together overcoming the traditional barriers such as communication gap, pace of learning and most importantly, geography. Our hope is that over time, we are able to acquire, categorize and distribute knowledge as opposed to just information.

iAthena is a platform which enables mentors (teachers) to not just distribute their material to students, but also use the latest communication tools to conduct webinars and interactive sessions to bridge the gap between the traditional classroom training (with high interactivity) and the perceived deficiencies of online training at a fraction of the cost.

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