Kids of today’s generation are using computers and a string of other electronic gadgets effortlessly which we as grownups, find quite difficult to get familiar in quick time.
So why not let their mode of educational become as advanced as their toys?  Navitus makes education-based eLearning courses that are interactive and engaging using a seamless graphic design approach.


navitusSchool is a comprehensive system designed to enhance parent-teacher communication. It comes with a simple, easy-to-use mobile app for parents and a web portal to cover all aspects of a student’s educational journey through the school. It covers daily activities, accomplishments, events, calendars, announcements, fee payment facility and a chat module for seamless interaction between the parents and the teachers. It also provides a distribution channel for schools to push relevant educational content to the students and/or their parents.

navitusSchool is available with flexible options for large institutions, group of schools and medium/small-sized schools.

Educational Content

For educational institutions, we have created easy to use educational content to help students learn subject matter and concepts in a fun, interactive manner. These short courses explain a concept and drill down the finer points using sample questions and pop-quizzes.