What can eLearning Professionals learn from “Pokemon Go”?

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When I last checked, Pokemon Go was downloaded by more than 130 million users since its launch just over a month ago in Jul’16. Telephone took more than 75 years to reach to 50 million users and post Internet era facebook took more than 3 years. Coroporate L&D professionals find it extremely tough to convince a small fraction of these number to access even their gamified learning courses. Considering this, Pokemon Go’s success is phenomenal. Can L&D professionals learn something from Pokemon Go? Following are the “Pokemon Go” principles which can be adopted by L&D professionals while designing & delivering their eLearning initiatives:

1. Breaking the normal rules & conventions

Most of the Conventional digital games, whether desktop or mobile based, are such that players are always indoor at one location, if not stationary. Pokemon Go breaks this normal and requires users to be on the move, delivering a completely different exprience. The promise of this unique experience appeals to the game enthusiasts and creates enough curiosity to try this game.

2. Instant gratification of a unique experience

“Hi-tech” concenpts like augmented reality (AR) & virtual reality (VR) are pereceived to be something that rich experience at home or masses experience at theme & entertainment parks. AR / VR based games are considered expensive and require investments in expensive gadgets. Pokemon Go delivers this “hi-tech” experience almost instanty just at the download of an app.

3. Simple & easy to play

Despite Pokemon Go’s “hi-tech” appeal and “breaking the normal rules & convention” characterstic, the game issimple to play. Thanks to its simplicity, the game is being played by players across wide range of age bands and also by both the genders.

4. Play anywhere & anytime

The game is delivered & played on mobile and hence one can play the game any time, any where without needing the expensive gadgets to be carried with oneself, which is normally the case with AR / VR games.

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