navitusLMS V2.80: A significant milestone

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At the outset, we wish the readers of this blog a very Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year. Diwali is that time of the year, when we light the lamps celebrating victory of good over evil and also the beginning of the new. India being largely an agrarian economy, Diwali also means celebration of the harvesting of our kharip crop.

We at Navitus, this Diwali are celebrating the release of (Version 2.80) of navitusLMS. While their are many new feature that have been added to the software, the highlight of the new software are:

– Trainer Automation functionality
– Gamification

Trainer Automation:

Trainer automation functionality addresses the requirements of L&D organisations involved in execution and management of classroom training courses. Classroom training courses continue to be a significant mode of delivery of training for many organisations for both HR as well as Sales training.

For HR training, typically, the organisation publishes a single calendar. On the other hand, Sales organisation have hierarchical organisation having trainers in the field conducting training for sales force. Each of this trainers need to create their own calendar and then schedule the courses, publish the courses enroll learners, administer training, record attendance, and so on.

The new version of navitusLMS allow user organisations to manage both of these types of trainings:

1. Organisation Calendar Method: Where trainers publish & administer the courses directly in the common Organisation Calendar. The training management process is simple and involves just publishing of the courses, accepting enrollment, and recording of attendance.

2. Trainer Calendar Method: Where, trainers publish and manage administration courses through their own respective calendars. In case of navitusLMS, each of the trainer’s calendar can go through multiple statuses such as Draft, Active and Closed and each course in the calendar has following stages: Planned, Scheduled and Published. The calendar can go through a single or 2 level approval process. Such elaborate method of management of training calendars & courses would allow organisations to not only bring consistency in training management processes but also enforce discipline among the trainers.

In addition to the above, there trainer automation functionality allow organisation to publish “Proposed Courses” to judge interest levels of employees within the organization to opt of the courses before the courses are actually scheduled.

The functionalities described above are designed and delivered based on Navitus’ unique and flexible course management architecture called ” Learning Units”.


There are many more small but important features added in the new LMS. To know more about how the new version of navitusLMS can address your L&D challenges, do write to us at: with “navitusLMS” in the subject line.



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