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eLearning Content: Corporate Adoption

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A common questions that is asked to us by companies, which are in the early phase of eLearning adoption, is: What eLearning Course Content should they start with on their eLearning Systems? We have seen business organisations building eLearning course contents covering variety of topics such as Induction, Company Culture, Work Ethics and Etiquette, Company Processes, Business Domain, Customer Awareness Programmes, New Product / Services Launch, IT Systems Training, etc. Is their any rationale to prioritise development of eLearning Content for Corporate eLearning Initiatives?

The answer to the above question is “Yes”. Refer the eLearning Cost – Value Matrix diagram below:


The matrix shows various Corporate eLearning Content plotted on Value and Complexity/Cost dimensions. Value is typically seen in performance improvement, &/or savings in training costs. Arrows indicate possible movement of the content along either Value or Complexity/Cost dimensions depending upon the company / industry requirements.

Typically, organisations early on their eLearning Lifecycle phase, opt for Compliance / Induction / Domain courses of Level 1 or Level 2 types and then move to more high value and complexity content.

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