About Us


Navitus Education Pvt Ltd, is a global provider of tech enabled Learning & Development solutions / services such as:
i.   Learning Management System, LMS (On Cloud or On Premise)
ii.  eLearning Content: Custom-built & Off-the-shelf eLearning Content and Gamification
iii. eLearning Consulting
iv.  iAthena.com

Navitus’ award winning LMS: navitusLMS is a world class Learning Managing System, which automates L&D processes within the organisations end-to-end, and also facilitates administration of Self-paced, Virtual Classroom and Instructor Led Classroom training programmes. This enables organisations to improve efficiency and effectiveness of L&D function.

Navitus has an experienced team of Instructional & Graphic designers, which has delivered highly interactive and engaging content such as storybased / scenario based learning and Gamification. This has enabled organisations to popularise eLearning amongst their employees and organisations have witnessed increased acceptance of eLearning programmes.

Navitus offers both Custom built eLearning Content Development Services and Pre-built (Off-the shelf, ready-to-use) eLearning Courses in the areas such as Soft-skills, Personal Effectiveness, Managerial Effectiveness, Life Insurance, Banking, IT, Regulatory & Compliance (Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Anti Bribery, AML, etc).

Although most studies and surveys relate to the traditional (classroom university) education, recent developments suggest that online education is gradually becoming an important element of our education system. We are already seeing that online medium is being used as a supplementary tool in conjunction with live classroom training to reduce costs and improve efficiency. We believe that in future, e-Learning will become a disruptive technology radically changing the way we teach and learn. Navitus Education aims to contribute in this democratization of education & learning, reaching wider student population by improving efficiency and effectiveness of distribution of learning content by leveraging digital medium.

We, at Navitus Education, constantly engage ourselves in understanding the needs of mentors and students and develop e-Learning solutions addressing their needs in order to make the process of teaching and learning effective & productive. Our strength is our ability to spot developments in information technology and apply them to develop innovative & path-breaking e-Learning solutions that are fit for purpose and easy to implement & deploy. To help us achieve our goal, we have assembled a team of custom e-learning experts, including instructional designers, educators, developers, and multimedia producers working side-by-side with our CEO. We want to promote more effective and engaging uses of interactive multimedia for learning and communication. To that effect, we are using an enormous array of technologies, tools, and instructional approaches. We believe that this is the only approach to address an unequalled variety of performance needs, and continue to develop innovative instructional approaches.

We also have a team of sharp programmers and business analysts to help us create software tools that can be used by educational institutes and corporate clients to train their employees.

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